• Sheila Lynch is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker by the Board of Behavioral Sciences. She has a Masters in Social Work and a BA in Psychology from Berkeley. She was formally supervised by Dr. Rick Scott, PhD, located in Mill Valley and Lynn Ervin, LCSW, from Family Service Agency in San Rafael.




My training uses a Psychodynamic approach (self awareness of where/why you feel immobilized) and integrates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Strength based interventions. This means we work collaboratively, in order to actively change negative thought processes into patterns that elevate your life rather than hinder your true potential. 

My goal is not to "fix" you. You do not need fixing, but rather a way to knock down your old defense systems, and utilize your strengths. I am not a superior, but a trained professional open and willing to listen and work collaboratively on finding solutions to the challenges you currently are facing. I work on providing a warm, non-judgmental therapy environment where you can feel safe to discuss the issues you are struggling with. Whether it is relationships, stress, loss or career obstacles, we will work together in a mindful way to overcome those obstacles and reach your goals.